Party games for kids on wheelchairs

best Party games for kids on wheelchairs

If you are planning a party for kids on wheelchairs, you need to pay attention to a few things. In this post, you can find Party games for kids on wheelchairs which can be very useful for you. We have some tips to give you and some great ideas too. Also, have a look at some of our previous post, such as Uncommon workshops for kids birthdays and bring a real character to your party

Regardless of the space be outside or inside the home, you can easily adapt the space. If you have stairs put a ramp on top, and open a plan space to the party site. It is important that space is easy handling and is adapted to the height of children.

Party games for kids on wheelchairs: Planning your party


You can do several Party games for kids on wheelchairs. Simply adjust to the height of children. It can be, for example, bean bag game, wood compensated bid and bid ring game.

Another idea is to make a magnetic fishing game. Place a baby tub with rubber ducks, where one of them will have written “Win” below. The guests, with a small fishing rod, will fish ducklings until one of them finds the victory Party games for kids on wheelchairs

You can also choose to explore the art at your party. All children love to paint, so you can create a giant sheet of paper across the table and ask your little guests to make a large painting. Arrange paints and brushes, crayons, and other paint materials that you find suitable.

One idea is to rent a place where they have several amusements adapted for children on wheelchairs. There are sites with slides, swings, and others, with their own seats for these children to play.

Do not you think these are great Party games for kids on wheelchairs?

You can also make a basketball game. Just make a lower arc for children throw the ball. Each throws the ball at a time, and who gets to score more baskets.Party games kids wheelchairs

You can also play to the hot potato. Fill balloons with water (if it is summer), and every child should say a word about the topic you give, and throws the balloon to the hands of another child who will say another word, and so on until the balloon burst.

You need also to look at other things in addition to Party games for kids on wheelchairs. 

Having regard to space you have available, consider inviting a smaller group of children.

Remember that children on wheelchair take up more space than the others, in addition to needing more space to move around.

Arrange in the same way, foods, candies, and cake. Obviously, you have to place the food on a lower table. If you do not have a low table, you can improvise by placing a large wooden board on top of some benches.

Hope I have helped you planning your party for kids with special needs. I am sure you will succeed following our ideas of Party games for kids on wheelchairs.

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