Jokes and pranks for kids

best jokes and pranks for kids

Looking for Jokes and pranks for kids? We have some for you! Know that jokes stimulate the good mood of the children, take them to the laughter, develop their vocabulary, and they have fun. Any disadvantages? None! Laughter is always the best medicine! Don’t forget to check all our previous posts such as Top 10 music hits for kids and decoration with helium balloon.

Do you know anything better laugh out loud? Let the people good-humored, relaxed and happy! With children happen exactly the same!

Usually, when children begin primary school at 6 years old, they can learn some jokes from books and exchanges with their school mates. So, don’t wait any longer and teach them some Jokes and pranks for kids!

Best Jokes and pranks for kids


We have selected some Jokes and pranks for kids. But if you know any, please send us so we can post it on our list too.

  • It was such a high child, but so high, that ate a yogurt, and when he reached the stomach, was already spoiled!best jokes and pranks for kids
  • A child is on the street with his grandfather and finds a candy on the floor. She goes get it, and her grandfather tells her, “you can not catch anything from the ground.”. Later the child finds a coin and her grandfather tells her: “you can not catch anything from the ground.”. They follow walking and her grandfather stumbles and falls to the ground, and asks for help to the child. And she says, “Grandpa, we do not catch anything from the ground!”
  • Why do not you take cold milk? – Because the cow does not fit in the fridge.
  • What said a balloon to the other? – Let’s munch!best jokes and pranks for children
  • Two children were eating figs inside the cemetery. Unintentionally dropped two figs outside the cemetery. Then they began to divide the figs that took:
    -One For me, one for you, one for me, one for you, and so on.
    A drunk passed the site and said:
    God and the devil are counting the dead in the cemetery. I have to talk to the police.
    Getting there spoke to the police:
    – God and the devil are counting the dead in the cemetery.
    The officer said:
    ‘You’re drunk, I do not believe.
    Then he said:
    -Come to see then
    Arriving there, they heard the voices:
    -One For me, one for you …
    Then they saw that it was true, then the children said:
    -Now Let’s take the two that are out there.

Are not fun these Jokes and pranks for kids? But there are more. Check some fun pranks for them to do at the school!  jokes and pranks for children

When children are eating with friends, they can switch the salt and pepper in the Shakers . Of course, the containers can not be transparent or your play will be easy to find. This can also be done by switching the ketchup and mustard.

You can also add some red food colouring to your glue container and let your colleague surprised when it comes out red. Or replace the filter of your pen by exchanged colours.

Are not these ideas just fun? I am sure your little ones will cry from laughing so hard! What are you waiting for? Try these Jokes and pranks for kids!

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