Homemade Goody bags ideas

Looking for Homemade Goody bags ideas? Check how you can make easy goody bags to surprise all your little guests. Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as getting a bouncy castle for a party and Uncommon workshops for kids birthdays. They can be very useful for you too! If you want an astonishing party, check these entertainers. They are just awesome! Now, let’s have a look at our goody bags! 

Offering the traditional goody bags to the guests can be very cheap and easy if you want to make them at home.

Offer these bags represent an act of kindness on the part of party hosts and this way children can continue enjoying the party for a few days.

Best Homemade Goody bags ideas


There is nothing like giving a homely and customized touch to souvenirs, so it’s always good to check our Homemade Goody bags ideas. Here’s how to put together a surprise bag by yourself!best homemade goody bags ideas

“Fatten” the little bag

Choose bags that have relation with the party theme, or else with the colours that you are using in the decoration. For you to stay with baggie looking chubby, without spending much money filling it with sweets, fill the bottom with sweet popcorn. You can buy them ready, or cook

Bet on visual

Note that the joy of the guests is always the goodies that are added in bags, it can be simple lollipops, stuffed, candies, chocolates, gums, among many others.

Mount the bag and packaging with bright colours  to arouse attention.

Opt for cheap toys

One of our Homemade Goody bags ideas is to add a cheap toy to the bag. Can be tubes for soap bubbles, fluorescent rings, whistles, vampire dentures, neon bracelets, among many other things that are cheap and the kids love it!

Here’s how to make a small bag of TNT

Necessary materials:

  • A piece of TNT, measuring 45 cm x 60 cm
  • 20 cm cord
  • Paper of various colours
  • Moulds pets or dolls
  • Hot glue
  • Paint crafts
  • Pencil
  • Line sewing
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  1. First, make a plus or minus 2 cm wide bar at the widest part of TNT. This will serve to pass the cord that closes the baggie.
  2. Fold the TNT in half and sewing the sides to form a bag.
  3. Now insert the cord in the bar. The bag is ready to be stuffed!
  4. Now choose the molds you want and pass it to the paper.
  5. Cut the paper and mount children’s faces or animals.
  6. Paint the eyes with the paint for crafts, and if you want, make other details using this type of paint.
  7. Glue the paper figurines in TNT baggie with hot glue.

And it is ready! Is not it a great idea? Now, let’s see some other Homemade Goody bags ideas. homemade-goody-bag-ideas

What to put inside your goody bags? 

Sweet popcorn: It will help you give volume to your baggie.

Chocolate: from filled chocolates, chocolates in the shape of animals, umbrellas, coins, among others.

Candies: prefer those that children can chew. Pay attention to the age of your guests. Candies with inadequate formats or very large can cause children to choke.

What do you think about our Homemade Goody bags ideas? Let us know! 

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