Getting a bouncy castle for a party

getting bouncy castle for a party

Summer is here and you want to throw a proper party to welcome the sun? Is your little child’s birthday coming and you still don’t know what to do? You should consider getting a bouncy castle for a party! We’ll tell you everything about what is it, how it works and what you should be careful about. Also, have a look at this post about bouncy castles against entertainers. Do not also forget to have a look at our previous posts, such as disco themed activities for kids and party games for kids on wheelchairs.

A bouncy castle is an inflatable structure with the shape of a castle. But don’t worry, you don’t have to blow in it! It is inflated using an electric or petrol-powered blower.getting bouncy castle for a party

Getting a bouncy castle for a party with kids

There are things you should be careful about when using a bouncy castle, such as making sure the floor around it is soft.

For example, if you put it on concrete, if by chance one of the kids fall, it can be very damaging, it may even lead to death, but you can avoid this with some extra protection.getting a bouncy castle for a party tips

Putting pillows, blankets, or placing the bouncy castle on the grass is a great way to be safe. Better safe than sorry!

Another thing you should be careful about is the weight limit. When getting a bouncy castle for a party make sure you know what is the weight limit so you don’t push your new pur way out of its limits.

It might not go well for you or for your kids and you don’t want them to be in danger, right?getting bouncy castle party

Usually, the weight limit is between 500lb and 700lb depending on the size of the inflatable bounce castle. There are also height restrictions but it depends on the manufacturer. You should ask all these questions when getting a bouncy castle for a party.

About where you can set up your bouncy castle, it will depend on the weather, the size of the bouncy castle, and what you desire. You can put the bouncy castle inside your home if the weather is not appropriate to play outside (in case you have enough space inside your residence!).

If it is too sunny to play outside you should rent or buy a bouncy castle that has a roof.  getting bouncy castles for a party

If your bouncy castle has a roof it protects kids from a very sunny day. People keep in mind that if it windy outside you should never ever use the bouncy castle to prevent injuries.

If your bouncy castle is rented, make sure to pur an insurance as well if you have the chance too, or hire a professional to supervise your kids as they play and teach them what they should, and shouldn’t do.

So, bouncy castles are just fun, but you need to pay attention to all these details, so everything goes fine. When getting a bouncy castle for a party you should remember that safety always comes first.

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