Funny games for kids birthday parties

best funny games for kids birthday parties

Are you looking for Funny games for kids birthday parties? We have some great ideas for you! There are several games for all kind of themed parties, so have a look at some of them! Don’t forget to have a look to some of our previous posts, such as Healthy party food for kids parties and 10 most original birthday cakes.

If you are organising a birthday party for your little one, take a look at some super Funny games for kids birthday parties that will be successful with children, for sure.

One tip: organise a large game that allows you to occupy the children during the afternoon, and keep them entertained for several hours.

Best funny games for kids birthday parties

There are many funny games for kids birthday parties, but as I do not want to become boring, let’s just talk about these 4 games, which really are always a big hit among the little ones, and that leaves them hours and hours entertained. Check it!

best funny games for kids birthday parties

Treasure hunt

What is the child who does not like a fantastic treasure hunt? This is undoubtedly the favourite game of the little ones, and keeps them occupied for several hours.

The first thing to do is to put together an original story. It is from this story that children are proposed to go in search of the lost treasure.

Then you should make cards, each with a puzzle, that children will decipher, as they find the cards. Each card must have a puzzle that reveals the location of another card until it reaches the treasure.

Detective games

Kids love a good mystery, and as such, a detective game is always a good way to make your party a success.

As in the game of treasure hunting, in games of detectives, children also go from hiding to hiding, but here the goal is to solve the puzzles, find clues, to solve a police case.

funny games for kids birthday party


Piñata is a game of Mexican origin, and is very common in the birthday parties there. This has also arrived here, and there are several parties that include this game for children (and adults too!).

The idea is to make a container filled with candy, dolls, or whatever, and suspend it. The goal is for the children to blow this container with a stick while they are blindfolded.

Remember that you should only play one child at a time.


This is one of the best funny games for kids birthday parties. Children should be divided into teams, and each one gets a name with the theme of the party.

Each of the teams follows a series of tests. It may be the rope game, a quick football match, bag run, or other. In each event the team win points.

At the end of the races all the points of each of the teams are added together and the winner is chosen. You can offer a trophy to the first 3 places, and then offer a medal to the other participants.

Well, did you enjoy our funny games for kids birthday parties? Try them and then let us know if kids love them too!

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