Disco themed activities for kids

best Disco themed activities for kids

Looking for Disco themed activities for kids? Everybody dance now! Turn the music up, get your disco ball on the ceiling, hire a DJ, and rock your kids world! Kids love to dance, and there is nothing like a disco party to make them happy! Check the top 10 music hits for kids and some decoration with helium balloons. I am sure your party will be great! 

If your little ones like to party this is the perfect theme for them. Not only it is awesome and fun there are also lots of activities around this theme and we will tell you all about disco themed activities for kids so stay tuned to discover how to get this party started!

Best disco themed activities for kids


If you want to have a great time in your disco party, you certainly need to have a look at these disco themed activities for kids. I am sure you will love them!best Disco themed activities for kids

Kids usually love singing along to their favorite artists so why not have a karaoke session? I am sure it will have a tremendous success among kids. Choose their favorite songs and make them company if you would like.

Dancing is also something that kids simply adore and adults are more open to dancing. Put your comfy shoes on and show in a competition what you and your child have! You can create a competition for the kids only or kids and parents, choose what suits all of you best.

You can also have costumes or masks to make the fun level higher. You can make your own masks or buy them. Do as you, please. After that, you can have a contest to decide what costume or make is more original.

Limbo! Time to show how flexible the kids are! This a game everyone has fun with and it never gets old. Let’s see who can win this awesome game.

Out the music on and ask the kids to pick an animal, once the music stops they must perform an action that represents the animal they have chosen and who figures out what animals they are imitating wins! Fun, right?

Mimic is a nice activity too, tell the kids to think of something and mimic it, it can be anything.Disco themed activity for kids

The adults must guess what they are trying to show. It is very amusing to watch the parents figuring out what their kids are doing.

The chair game! Place some chairs to form a circle and put the music on, once it stops everyone must sit down but one chair is missing. Whoever stands is eliminated. On the next round remove another chair and so on. Who is going to win this game?

And this is some of the endless disco themed activities for kids, feel free to let us know what you think and make sure to have the time of your life with your dearest ones. We will stay here by your side to tell you all about how to throw the best parties for your kids so don’t go anywhere!

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