Decorating with balloons

decorating with balloons kids parties

Hello dear party people! Are you planning to be Decorating with balloons anytime soon for a party? Well, then you have come to right place because in this article we will be giving you some hints about how to do it as a pro. Before telling you how to decorate your party with balloons, I suggest you have a look at our previous posts, such as healthy party food for kids parties and 10 most original birthday cakes

Are balloons underrated you know? Do you feel that too? There are so many magical things you can do with them to bring life to a party that most people don’t even know it.

As always, all you need is creativity and imagination, everything else will come as an extra when you are decorating with balloons.

decorating with balloons kids parties

Decorating with balloons – Make it unforgettable!

Balloons are just awesome, and kids love it. There is nothing like having all the party venue decorated with balloons. Especially in kids parties! You can also use the balloons in some games. So, it is two in one!

Now you know how much kids like balloons, let’s see some of the things we can do with it:


Faces might be a little cliché but, in fact, it is an awesome thing you can with balloons, especially if you have small children that want to do it too.

All you need is the proper colouring material and you draw Dali, Einstein, Michael Jackson or even a cartoon character you enjoy.

Besides the fact you can do the rest of the head, like the hair, beard and eyebrows, ears, nose. You can experiment until you perfect it.


This is one of the best ideas you can do when decorating with balloons: the pit of balloons!

It is not that easy but it is a success if you manage to decorating a party with balloonsmake it real. You need a space where children can be inside playing with each other.

Then, you fill up as many balloons as you can in the size that you prefer, as well as the colours.

And finally, you fill the space with all of them and make it a pit of balloons that your children will never forget. Don’t worry about them popping the balloons, they are cheap and you can be refilling the pit.


Hard to beat that one idea of Decorating with balloons but let’s give it a try with one more hint: the bed of balloons.

This is a special one for those with a pool. You need to fill up with air as many as 10 balloons for this one.

Then, you use duct tape to tape them all together in a rectangle.

Like this, you will have a bed that floats in the water and can support the weight of a small child.

You might need to do a little maintenance on the bed so that it doesn’t fall apart. But it works!

Hope you enjoyed our tips about Decorating with balloons.

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