Healthy party food for kids parties

Looking for Healthy party food for kids parties? If you are handling a children’s party, it is very usual that you still don’t know what you are going to do with your party catering. But how about some healthy food? Let’s look! Also, have a look at our previous posts such as 10 most original birthday cakes and homemade Goody bags ideasContinue reading “Healthy party food for kids parties”

The best 5 Disney themed parties

Check The best 5 Disney themed parties and get some great ideas to your kid’s party! I am sure your little one will love one of these themed parties! You can pick some other ideas in our previous posts, such as getting a bouncy castle for a party and Uncommon workshops for kids birthdays. Now let’s have a look at some great Disney themed parties!  Continue reading “The best 5 Disney themed parties”

Getting a bouncy castle for a party

Summer is here and you want to throw a proper party to welcome the sun? Is your little child’s birthday coming and you still don’t know what to do? You should consider getting a bouncy castle for a party! We’ll tell you everything about what is it, how it works and what you should be careful about. Also, have a look at this post about bouncy castles against entertainers. Do not also forget to have a look at our previous posts, such as disco themed activities for kids and party games for kids on wheelchairs. Continue reading “Getting a bouncy castle for a party”

Disco themed activities for kids

Looking for Disco themed activities for kids? Everybody dance now! Turn the music up, get your disco ball on the ceiling, hire a DJ, and rock your kids world! Kids love to dance, and there is nothing like a disco party to make them happy! Check the top 10 music hits for kids and some decoration with helium balloons. I am sure your party will be great!  Continue reading “Disco themed activities for kids”

Batman parties for kids

Thinking about Batman parties for kids? We have some great ideas to plan a great Batman themed party for children, so read on and find out how to give an unforgettable party for your little ones. You might also like to have a look at our posts about bringing a real character to your party and how to organize a children’s partyContinue reading “Batman parties for kids”

Uncommon workshops for kids birthdays

Looking for uncommon workshops for kids birthdays? Nowadays you have plenty offers of workshops for kids birthdays and other events, such as magic workshops, with the presence of great magicians who are going to teach your children fabulous magic tricks. Read on and find some awesome workshops for little ones. Also, check our previous posts about bringing a real character to your party and decoration with helium balloons.

Continue reading “Uncommon workshops for kids birthdays”

Bring a real character to your party

Bring a real character to your party! Your kid’s party will be just awesome if you have real characters in there. Kids will love them! Let´s give you some great ideas! Also, have a look at our posts about how to organize a children’s party and what is the best time of the day for a party? I am sure they can help you organising your party.  Continue reading “Bring a real character to your party”

Top 10 music hits for kids

Check the Top 10 music hits for kids and ensure all kids have lots of fun in your upcoming party! Are you thinking about giving disco themed parties for kids? You surely need to read this post and find the last music hits for kids! To make your party even greater check our previous posts about decoration with helium balloons and how to organize a children’s party Continue reading “Top 10 music hits for kids”

How to Organize a Children’s Party

Do you know how to organize a children’s party? You need to plan it very carefully if you want it to be well-succeed. A party for children entails some things we have to be aware, from security, food and decoration. So I decided to write this article to make your life easier, and make the planning of your party effectively. Continue reading “How to Organize a Children’s Party”