The best 5 Disney themed parties

the best 5 disney themed parties for kids

Check The best 5 Disney themed parties and get some great ideas to your kid’s party! I am sure your little one will love one of these themed parties! You can pick some other ideas in our previous posts, such as getting a bouncy castle for a party and Uncommon workshops for kids birthdays. Now let’s have a look at some great Disney themed parties! 

We all love Disney, right? So, Kids love Disney too, and it is a little bit tough to find only 5 Disney themes to bring to our parties.

But, in fact, there are some themes that kids like the most, and that’s what we are going to tell you in this post. Have a look!

The Best 5 Disney themed parties for kids


Are you ready to enter into Disney’s world? The fantasy is coming and you will be part of the children’s imagination. Check the 5 Best Disney themed parties for little ones. 5-best-disney-themed-parties


Kids love Frozen movie! There is no doubt that Anna and Elsa, as well as Olaf the Snowman, enchanted all our hearts. I must confess I love these characters too!

Frozen parties are a huge success among the kids, and if you want to please your little ones, this is the perfect theme for your children’s party!


Do you remember Alice? This is one of the most famous Disney characters of all times, and kids still love her!

This theme allows you to make a lot of things, from decoration to party food, so you can have a unique party!

You can also find many things in party stores, so you won’t have a lot of work to make your party decorations. You also have many party supplies with this theme, such as plates, napkins, and so on.


Mickey and Minnie are the most lovely characters I have ever seen. Although they are a little bit old, they still make part of kids lives until nowadays.

So, if you are thinking about including Disney characters in your little one’s party, they are a great option!

There is no doubt that this theme is one of the best 5 Disney themed partiesthe best 5 disney themed parties for kids


And what about including all the Disney princesses in your child’s party? You have a lot of them, such as Cinderella, Bella (from Beauty and the beast), Pocahontas, Sofia, and many others.

This theme is perfect for little girls! You can even ask young ladies to dress like their favourite princesses to make your party just unforgettable!


This theme cannot be missing in this post! In fact, Lion King is one of the best 5 Disney themed parties for little ones.

Make your home into a jungle and let the party begins! You have lots of options to this theme, and you find many party supplies easily in any party stores.

So, what do you think about our selection? We know that there are many others, so you must choose your child’s favourite one! If you have any suggestion to include in the best 5 Disney themed parties just let us know!

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