10 most original birthday cakes


Check the 10 most original birthday cakes and pick one up to your upcoming birthday party. I am sure you are going to make a huge success! Whether it can be a children party or adult party, these ideas are just awesome, and you can use them for both. Take a look! Do not forget to read our previous posts too, such as getting a bouncy castle for a party or best girl’s birthday cake designs.

Find the 10 most original birthday cakes

The birthday cake is one of the most important things of the whole party. In fact, the cake is in the middle of the table, and all look forward to seeing it throughout the party (in the case of not putting it on the table from the beginning).

For the same reason, you should strive for choosing a cake to mark the difference. And that’s why we did here a selection of the 10 most original birthday cakes. Peek!

  1. Pigs in the mud Cake 

How about a cake that looks like a mud pool with pigs bathing in it? You can do this with a high cake, putting KitKat bars vertically around the cake (round preferably). Put the pigs on the cake (a bit lower than the KitKat bars) and then pour chocolate icing on the cake.

Is not it one of the most original ideas you have ever seen? It could not be missing our top 10 most original birthday cakes.

top 10 most original birthday cakes

2. Planet Cake

If you are one of those who loves astronomy, then this is a great option for your birthday cake. What about cooking a cake that seems just like a planet? Is not it an awesome idea?

3. Library Cake

I must confess that this one is my favourite one! What about a library cake? Is not it just fabulous? You can make a big bookshelf, and then make a lot of books in there. Just let your imagination flies!

4. Hogwarts selector Hat Cake

If you love the stories of Harry Potter, then this can be a great idea. Make a Harry Potter’s themed party, and for the birthday cake make it with hat shape so it looks like the Hogwarts Selector Hat. I am sure it will be awesome!

5. James Bond Cake

Well, if you are not a true fan of Harry Potter, maybe you are of James Bond. A 3 or 4-floors cake, with some funny images of James Bond, will make a huge success among your guest. I can assure you!

We have some other ideas. Check the others which belong to our top 10 most original birthday cakes.most-original-birthday-cakes

  • Camera cake
  • Palaeontology cake
  • Sushi Cake
  • Pool of M & M’s Cake
  • Human organs Cake

These are some of the most original ideas for birthday cakes I’ve ever seen but you have many other options. Just give wings to your imagination! Have a lot of fun in your upcoming birthday party! I am sure it will be just unforgettable and fun! Hope you have enjoyed our top 10 most original birthday cakes.

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